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The CMS Measure Inventory Tool (CMIT) is the repository of record for information about the measures which CMS uses to promote healthcare quality and quality improvement. CMS and its partners use this measure inventory to inform stakeholders, to manage its measure portfolio, and to guide measure development.


The inventory contains information describing each of the measures including title, numerator, denominator, exclusions, various identifiers, type, status, usage by program, steward, healthcare priorities, and other attributes.


CMIT allows the user to list, sort, filter, and search the inventory. CMIT presents the inventory in two ways, one which presents one result for each measure regardless of the number of associated programs (Measure Inventory view) and one which presents one result for each association between a measure and a program (Measure Program view). CMIT also allows users to export and print result lists, view measure details, and view a summary of measures by program and status. Users with sufficient permissions can edit the information in the inventory.

More Information

The CMIT User Guide contains details concerning the use of the system.

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