Setting Up Symantec VIP

Accessing VIP Access
After you have activated your CMIT account login and set your password, you will need to access Symantec VIP on your computer or download it to your mobile phone in order to access CMIT. CMIT requires two-factor authentication to provide the needed level of security as designated by CMS.
If you desire to install on your mobile phone, Symantec VIP Access can be downloaded here.
Once you've downloaded and installed the software on your device, the system will generate a unique credential ID for you.
Setting up Your Symantec VIP Account
Log in to CMIT using your user ID and password from the controlled-access CMIT home page. The first time you log in to CMIT you will be asked to enter your credential ID and a token code to authenticate your account.
To open Symantec VIP, click on the "Start" button, find "VIP Access" and click to open. The box that opens is shown in the below image.
It will display your credential ID and a token code in a small black box. The credential ID is located on top and will stay the same. The token code is located on the bottom and will change every 30 seconds.
On future log-ins you'll only be asked to enter the token code once you've successfully authenticated your account with the credential ID.
Logging in with Symantec VIP
1. Navigate to the CMIT home page
2. Enter your username and password and click "Authenticate"
3. Enter in the six-digit Security Code from VIP Access for your CMIT account
4. Click Continue
For security reasons, your session will terminate after 30 minutes of inactivity or upon logout.
Using Symantec VIP on More than One Device
If you'd like to access CMIT on a different device, such as a mobile phone, and don't have access to the device where Symantec VIP was originally installed, you'll need to install the software on the new device.
To install Symantec VIP on a new device, follow the steps above. Once you've installed it, confirm that both credential IDs are associated with your user account. To do this, after logging in, click on your name in the header, click 'Manage My Account', and scroll down to where the credential IDs are listed. If you find that one is missing, add it by clicking the + sign, enter the ID, and then save.
Download the User Guide
Download the CMIT User Guide (PDF) if you would like more detailed information about CMIT.